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I’m a film photographer who sells digital prints. May I register?2020-03-27T21:36:42+00:00

15 NEGATIVES was created as a marketplace for darkroom/alt process prints. So, unfortunately, ink-based prints are a no-go for this site. We still love you and support what you’re doing—please don’t infer any ill feelings about inkjet prints. The owner of a shoe store doesn’t necessarily hate bagels. It’s just that he decided to open a shoe store and not a bagel shop. In this case digital prints are bagels. Personally, I think bagels are excellent.

Can anyone sign up?2020-03-26T16:35:57+00:00

15 NEGATIVES will be open to all darkroom printers soon. Registration will be possible, here, but will require manual approval.

How much commission does 15NEGs take?2020-03-26T16:32:30+00:00

Currently, we take 10% commission from each sale, excluding shipping costs. 100% of shipping costs are sent to the artist to cover, well, shipping.

Where are the prints sent from?2020-03-26T16:31:12+00:00

All prints are sent directly from the artist. So, it depends on where they are located. Please take this into account when waiting for your purchase to arrive!